About this site

Thank you for visiting this Car Demon Demo site. We set this site up to show you what can be done with the FREE Car Demon PlugIn.

This page lists all of the PlugIns and the Theme used to create this site. This site is not meant to show you everything that you can do with WordPress, so we’ve skipped usingĀ PlugIns for social media, employment, e-commerce and many of the other PlugIns that you might want to include in an actual dealership website.


Here is a complete listĀ of the PlugIns and the Theme used for this demo:

Theme for this site: Azrael version 1.0.4

     Wordpress Theme developed for the Car Demon PlugIn by Modo and ElGeeko

PlugIns for this site:

Car Demon
DescriptionCar Demon is a PlugIn designed for car dealers and other vehicle sales.
Google Maps Widget
DescriptionDisplay a single-image super-fast loading Google map in a widget. A larger, full featured map is available on click in a lightbox. Includes shortcode support and numerous options.
Widget Importer & Exporter
DescriptionImports and exports widgets.
DescriptionAdds a more advanced paging navigation to your WordPress blog

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